Rosen Named to Bipartisan Senate NATO Observer Group

Senator Rosen: “I am honored to be appointed to the Senate’s bipartisan NATO Observer Group to work alongside my colleagues to reaffirm the United States’ enduring commitment to NATO.”

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) announced that she has been appointed as one of three new members to join the bipartisan Senate NATO Observer Group at a time when the Alliance is playing a critical role in coordinating the response to Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The Senate NATO Observer Group has a mission to closely monitor and inform Senators about defense spending commitments of Alliance members, the process of upgrading military capabilities, the Alliance’s counter-terrorism capability, NATO enlargement, and the ability of NATO member states to address non-conventional warfare. Re-established in 2018, the Senate NATO Observer Group is co-chaired by Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Thom Tillis (R-NC) and made up of seven Democrats and seven Republicans in total.

“As Russia continues its brutal and horrific invasion of Ukraine, a strong and united NATO is vital to the security of the United States and our allies,” dijo el Senador Rosen. “NATO is one of the most successful alliances in history and has been the bedrock of peace and security in Europe for over half a century. I am honored to be appointed to the Senate’s bipartisan NATO Observer Group to work alongside my colleagues to reaffirm the United States’ enduring commitment to NATO, assess the strength and capabilities of the Alliance, and coordinate the transatlantic response to Russian aggression. We will ensure that NATO has the resources needed to protect the United States and the security of our allies.” 

“The strength and resilience of the transatlantic alliance has never been as critical as it is today amid Putin’s war in Ukraine. The close coordination among NATO nations, led by the United States, has been pivotal to increasing military assistance and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and imposing historic punitive measures against Putin for his unprovoked invasion and barbaric war crimes against the Ukrainian people,” said Senator Shaheen. “Senator Tillis and I re-established the Senate NATO Observer Group four years ago as we observed the increasing belligerence of Russia and other adversarial regimes that pose a threat to U.S. security and our global stability. I’m encouraged to see our effort strengthened by this new expansion to include Senators Hagerty, Rosen and Moran, reaffirming the robust bipartisan support in the Senate for NATO and the U.S.’ commitment to the transatlantic alliance.”

“The last few months have shown the importance of unequivocal U.S. support for NATO and unity among our transatlantic allies as Russia continues its unprovoked invasion and atrocities against Ukraine. Congress will continue to play a vital role in ensuring we stand together against Putin’s invasion and any attack on our democratic allies,” said Senator Tillis. “I want to welcome Senators Hagerty, Rosen, and Moran to the Senate NATO Observer Group. I am proud to co-lead this important coalition with Senator Shaheen, and the addition of these members, bringing the total to 14 senators, only strengthens our mission to advocate and demonstrate strong Congressional support for NATO.”