KTNV – Boulder City businesses being impacted by Lake Mead ramp closures

Boulder City businesses being impacted by Lake Mead ramp closures

By Alyssa Bethencourt

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — It’s no secret that the water levels at Lake Mead have fallen to historic lows.

Over the years, all but one launch ramp has closed meaning visitors have limited access to the lake.

As a result, businesses in Boulder City, that rely on tourism, are being hit hard. Cindy Ford, owner of the Southwest Diner said she still gets a steady flow of customers at her restaurant but said she has certainly noticed a change.

During the height of the pandemic, Ford said she really struggled to keep her doors open. Now, she worries she could be in the same position if water levels at the lake continue to drop.

“ I remember when the spillway overflowed and it was just so different. I’m not quite sure what happened but it’s gone so we need to do something,” Ford said.

To help alleviate the situation, Senator Jacky Rosen contacted the National Park Service.

Rosen asked the NPS to provide a detailed explanation as to why the five other launch ramps at Lake Mead have been closed for so long.

Rosen said she understands that the low water levels have played a big role in the closures, but believes something else can be done to bring life and tourism back to the lake.

“If people don’t come, nobody buys anything and if no one buys anything, they can’t keep their business open because they can’t pay their expenses. I don’t want any business to close because of this,” Rosen said.

Senator Rosen gave the NPS a deadline of Friday, August 12th to provide her with the next steps they plan to take to reopen the launch ramps.