Rosen Helps Introduce Comprehensive Legislation to Protect Voting Rights and Strengthen Democracy

Bill Would Take A Comprehensive Approach To Make Voting More Accessible, Fair, And Secure

WASHINGTON DC – U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) helped introduce the Freedom to Vote Act to protect voting rights and strengthen democracy. This comprehensive legislation would make it easier for eligible voters to cast a ballot, help bolster election security, and strengthen campaign finance laws, including by requiring dark money groups to disclose their donors. 

“The right to vote is the bedrock of our democracy, which is why we need to stand up to protect this fundamental right in light of threats from lawmakers working to restrict access to the ballot,” said Senator Rosen. “That’s why I’m proud to help introduce comprehensive legislation to protect Americans’ right to vote and strengthen our democracy.”

los Freedom to Vote Act would:

  • Ensure all voters have access to automatic voter registration through motor vehicle agencies;
  • Make Election Day a national holiday;
  • Allow voters to access same-day voter registration;
  • Require 15 days of early voting for federal elections;
  • Ensure all voters can request a mail-in ballot;
  • Increase protections for election administrators, workers, and volunteers against threats;
  • Provide $3.1 billion in grants for states to make election cyber security improvements;
  • Establish state redistricting criteria to prevent partisan gerrymandering; and
  • Require dark money groups to disclose donors who contribute more than $10,000.

Senator Rosen has been a staunch supporter of the right to vote and American democracy. Last Congress, Senator Rosen supported the bipartisan John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act that would restore and strengthen the landmark Voting Rights Act to combat voter suppression.