ICYMI: On MSNBC and ABC, Rosen Discusses Visit to Israel With Bipartisan Senate Delegation, Calls for Decisive Action

WASHINGTON DC – Yesterday, on MSNBC and ABC, U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) discussed her recent visit to Israel as part of a bipartisan Senate delegation following Hamas’s brutal terrorist attacks. During the visit, Senator Rosen met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s War Cabinet, President Issac Herzog, Opposition Leader Yair Lapid, and families of those taken hostage by Hamas.

MSNBC: Rosen joins MSNBC Reports to discuss bipartisan senate delegation, need for decisive action

ROSEN: “You don’t have to be a Jewish mother, you just have to be any mother or father, as we sat and listened to some of the families of those loved ones taken hostage. […]One woman – this phrase will never leave me – she said ‘we no longer live in the world with all of you.’ They live in this separate space, wondering what’s happening. Is their loved one dead or alive? Are they being tortured? They will never be the same. So, as a parent, as a mother, this stays with me.”

ABC: Rosen joins GMA3 to discuss bipartisan senate delegation, need for action

ROSEN: “What we wanted to do was to show that in the United States Senate, we have support for the state of Israel to defend herself against terror, and that we have to stand up, and that we can’t turn a blind eye just because it’s difficult to see, that we have to see what terror does to families, how we have to stand up in the free world together to do that, and how we have to provide the kind of humanitarian aid that actually goes to the people who need it and not to the terrorists who take it from them. And, so, that’s why we were there.”