VIDEO: On Senate Floor, Rosen Recognizes Nevada Law Enforcement Officers During National Police Week

Rosen Submitted Into The Congressional Record The Five Names That Were Recently Added To The Nevada Law Enforcement Officers Memorial 

Watch Senator Rosen’s full remarks HERE

WASHINGTON, DC – During National Police Week, U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) gave a speech on the Senate floor to recognize Nevada law enforcement officers and express her gratitude for their courageous work to keep Nevada safe. She also submitted into the Congressional Record the five names of fallen law enforcement officers who were added to the Nevada Law Enforcement Officers Memorial this year.

Senator Rosen has been a strong supporter of ensuring Nevada’s law enforcement community has the resources needed to keep communities safe. Earlier this year, she secured over $7 million for law enforcement projects across Nevada through the Fiscal Year 2024 government funding bill. Last year, Senator Rosen secured millions for law enforcement and first responders in the 2023 funding bill, ensuring these critical funds were delivered to communities across the state. Senator Rosen also helped pass the bipartisan Recruit and Retain Act in the Senate, which establishes a federal pipeline program supporting more collaboration between local law enforcement and schools to hire and retain more police officers. Last Congress, she introduced bipartisan legislation that would direct the Department of Health and Human Services to collect data on first responder suicides and help determine best practices for identifying and treating post-traumatic stress and combating suicide among first responders.

Below are Senator Rosen’s floor remarks as delivered:

Senator Rosen: I rise today to speak in recognition of National Police Week. 

This week is a time for our nation to collectively recognize and honor the bravery and dedication of the men and women who keep our communities safe.

I want to give a special thanks to the law enforcement officers across my state of 

Nevada who serve every day with honor, integrity, and courage.

In Nevada, well, we’re a state that welcomes visitors from around the world. Our policemen and women are critical for protecting our communities, not only our communities, but also all of those visitors. It’s a task that they’ve proven time and time again that they stand ready for. 

More than six years ago, Las Vegas experienced the deadliest mass shooting in American history, and in that moment – in that moment – local police and first responders ran towards danger to neutralize the threat, to get people to safety, and to save countless lives because you know why? That’s what they’re trained to do.

Whether it’s a major emergency, or a domestic dispute, or a routine traffic stop, every day they put on their uniform and leave their homes, the brave men and women of Nevada’s law enforcement community put their lives on the line. 

These officers know the risks of the job, but their sense of service is even stronger. 

And I want Nevada law enforcement to know: I have your back.

As I’ve met with police officials across my state of Nevada, they’ve consistently told me one of the biggest challenges they’re facing is the dire shortage of officers and support staff.

We must tackle this head on. That’s why I’m working across party lines to make sure we take action here in Congress to hire and to retain more officers. 

I signed on to bipartisan legislation — the Recruit and Retain Act – which will establish a federal pipeline between local police departments and schools to help facilitate recruitment activities, and encourage young people into these careers. It’s gonna also help cover some of the costs associated with recruitment and onboarding, making it easier to bring on these new officers. And I was proud to pass, help pass, this bipartisan legislation here in the Senate nearly a year ago, and I call on the House of Representatives to take action on this critical legislation as soon as possible.

And I’ll keep pushing to see that our law enforcement officers have access to resources, training, and recruitment support – the kinds of things that they need to do their job safely.

And while we work to support our police, we must also remember to honor fallen officers. 

These are our heroes who left behind families, friends, colleagues, and communities they served and helped to protect.

Earlier this month, my team attended Nevada’s annual Law Enforcement Officers Memorial ceremony to pay our respects to the memory of the five new officers whose names were added to the memorial this year. 

Mr. President, to honor their lives and their bravery, I ask Unanimous Consent to submit a list of the names of the five fallen law enforcement officers who were added to the Nevada Law Enforcement Officers Memorial for printing in the Congressional record.

Presiding Officer: Without objection.

Senator Rosen: These brave officers – these brave officers – they made the ultimate sacrifice for our communities, and they deserve our eternal gratitude. 

I promise that I will keep working with my colleagues across the aisle to support our police departments, support the officers who serve, to support [their] staff, and to support all of their families. 

Thank you, Mr. President.