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14 hours ago
Sen. Jacky Rosen

104 years ago today, the Senate voted to pass the 19th Amendment – granting women the right to vote.

Although we have made progress since then, let us not lose sight of the work yet to be done to ensure full equality – especially as women's rights continue to be under attack.
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Do let me know when women are (note the present-tense verb) treated as second-class citizens in employment, college admissions, etc., as men routinely are.

Biggest mistake....turned into gender votes who hate men. Our Fore Father's had it right.

On Gun Violence Awareness Day, I #WearOrange to commemorate those we’ve lost and renew the call to take more actions to prevent gun violence.

Last June, we passed the most significant bipartisan breakthrough on gun safety legislation in decades – but we must do more.
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On Gun Violence Awareness Day, I #WearOrange to commemorate those we’ve lost and renew the call to take more actions to prevent gun violence.Last June, we passed the most significant bipartisan breakthrough on gun safety legislation in decades – but we must do more.

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The Supreme Court is the reason Gun violence will continue. Looking forward to the day my Senator publicly shows up on this topic.

Car accidents kill people, ban cars oh right you're already doing that.. Anyone who Ever ate or will Ever eat a pickle has or will die. Outlaw pickels. I've got an idea. Enforce the law. Stop blaming the tool and place it where it belongs. On the person who committed the act. Oh but personal responsibility is an Outdated "right wing Maga" philosophy. Senator, quit legislating our constitutional rights away!

The gun violence in this country is inexcusable. No civilian needs military grade weapons.

Grandma, instead of showing yourself in a t-shirt why don't you show us the legislation you passed, so we can judge whether you did a good thing or a bad thing. You are 65. When does a mandatory retirement kick in for elected federal employees and maybe appointed Supreme Court Justices? Washington DC is becoming a joke with all these people hanging on until they die.

Far too much innocent blood spilled on American streets.

Any news on the Border ?

Alice Cignetti Give it a rest. The indians "stole it from whoever was here when they came from Mongolia. Been going on since humans showed up.

Gun violence is 90% committed in urban cities, gang and drug related. Hire more Police, bring back the gang intelligence sections, arrest, prosecute and jail the drug dealers. Put armed security in the schools. Teach STEM, individual responsibility and personal character. Teach trades, values and the importance of nuclear families, graduation from high school, not having children until after marriage and getting a job. SECURE THE BORDER. Have a GREAT MAGA Day!!!

There is no such thing as "gun violence". Only human violence. Example, the human violence perpetrated on other humans in abortion clinics.

Next year's orange awareness day.

Help Ukraine to stop russian terror! They are grateful for all your support but need to ask you to be more actively involved in fight with the terrorism. They need F-16 Fighting Falcons. It is within the power of our state to stop russia now. They are defending peace of the whole world today, not just their own country.



You’re a loon.

You’re a piece of shit. Quit calling it gun safety and tell us what you really want, a total ban on civilian firearm ownership. You’re gonna tell law abiding citizens that they can’t own guns yet I can go on tiktok and find a hundred videos of gang members with guns illegally converted to fully automatic? Until you want to do something about that you can get fucked with your “gun safety” lie.

If Democrat run cities were removed from the gun violence (and all other crimes) statistics, America would be one of the safest places in the world. Demokkkrats are the problem.

Let's do this!

The “most significant bipartisan gun safety legislation” you passed, did NOTHING TO PREVENT CRIME OR VIOLENCE.

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