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13 hours ago
Sen. Jacky Rosen

NEWS: My bipartisan MOBILE Health Care Act has passed the House and Senate and is on its way to becoming LAW!

When President Joe Biden signs this legislation, it will expand and improve access to mobile health clinics in rural and underserved communities in Nevada and across the country.
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Thanks for helping the rural communities of Nevada!

Absolutely Nothing to do with the Constitution Did you Forget about Your Oath of Office.

Biden says, Where is Jackie, identity yourself Jackie.

Wasting tax dollars trying to buy votes… yawn.

NO PLACE FOR the FAR LEFT in COMMIE LAND Unrecognized American Hero Joe McCarthy was forever branded an enemy of the United States of America when he was asked by U.S. Republican Senator… ….“HAVE YOU NO SENSE OF DECENCY, SIR”… SENATOR JOE McCARTHY made the MISTAKE of being a GODDAM AMERICAN PATRIOT…AN AMBASSADOR OF TRUTH..RIGHTEOUSNESS..and THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE…and Joe McCarthy…GREAT AMERICAN HERO…was SAVAGELY ATTACKED by the FAKE NEWS MEDIA..of that time..for not wanting become.. …COMMIE LAND USA…COMMIE LAND USA…COMMIE LAND USA… …COMMIE LAND USA…COMMIE LAND USA…COMMIE LAND USA… “Now…I don’t know about you” say Jesus Christ.. to God..with ArchA Michael listening intently…with Metatron and Melchizedek huddled together whispering back and forth…concerning America’s…soon to be…SHOCK..AMAZEMENT..and ANGUISH..that the COMMIE RATSHITE BASTARDS..that AMERICAN HERO JOE McCARTHY..had tried to warn America about in the 1950s..were not only still in the game..BUT WINNING…THE HEARTS, MINDS, and SOULS of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY… GODDAMMIT TO HELL…by 3 touchdowns and a handful of Field Goals..”Hmm”..say God..”let God thinks..hmm..hmm..I gots it..”HEAVEN SEND DAVID TO HELP AMERICAN PATRIOTS SAVE AMERICA”. Sure as shootin’..CHAIRMAN RATSHITE Xi..soon be toasting w $!000 Champagne..with..WELL..NOT..NOT..NOT..NOT..NOT..NOT..NOT..NOT…SCHUMER..PELOSI..PSAKI..SWALWELL..AOC..TLAIB..PRESSLEY.. WARNOCK..ABRAMS..LIGHTFOOT..SANDERS..THE VIEW female gender birthing apparatuses..bidens..K. HARRIS..and..R. Joe..etc. ..NO..NO..NOT..NOT..NOT..NOT..NOT..ANYBODY’s…from FAKE NEWS.. TIMES..WASHINGTON P..LA TIMES….. CUZ…ON ACCOUNTS OF Xi say AT TOASTING CEREMONY ATTENDED BY ONLY..CHINESE COMMIES..CHINESE COMMIES..CHINESE COMMIES..NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT BLACK..NOT WHITE..NOT LATINO COMMIE BASTARDS…cuz as Xi chortle away while making the FIRST OF MANY TOASTS OVER the next millennia.. “MY FRIENDS” (chinese commie laughing..smirking..guffawing..general hilarity).. ”HERE’S TO THE USEFUL FOOLs…IDIOTS REALLY” (Xi inebriated he handed another schooner of the aforementioned champagne)… ..”WHO MADE POSSIBLE THIS GREAT DAY IN COMMIE LAND HISTORY”..and of whom who it must be said..”WE OWE the USEFOOL IDIOTS/ FOOLS…NOT..NOT..just kidding…BUT seriously..WE TAKES THEMS FOR ALL THEY is WORTH..AND THEN OFF TO COMMIE RE-INDOCTRINATION CAMPS for them..cuz..cuz..truth be..truth be..WE JUST RACIST BASTARDS LIKE WE ACCUSE..the AMERICAN fat cat..greedy..materialistic..uncaring..stupid stupid stupid bastards of BEING..chinese chortle..chinese chortle..general hilarity..”

Here is other news Nancy Pelosi ‘savagely booed’ during NYC Global Citizen festival September 26, 2022 - 10:04AM US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was booed by a large crowd while appearing at NYC’s Global Citizen festival after she made a surprise appearance at the event to discuss climate change.

Thanks for the Raping Tree of Social Securities Fraud. Cash4Kids 🔥✅🔔

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