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23 hours ago
Sen. Jacky Rosen

From my family to yours, Happy Hanukkah.

As we remember the miracle of Hanukkah, my heart is with the hostages still held by Hamas and their families. We continue to pray for their safe return to their families.
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Thank you Sen. Jacky Rosen, beautifully stated. ❤️🕎❤️

Happy Hanukkah. Looking forward to voting Sen. Jacky Rosen out of office along with your daddy the senile #DementiaJoe. ✅

How many Palestinian women & children will be killed today by the Israeli government as you celebrate Hanukkah? Women & children comprise over 73% of the over 16,248 Palestinians killed by the Israeli IDF since Oct 7, 2023 through Dec 5, 2023. Since Jan 1, 2008, Palestinian women & children represent over 62% of the over 22,645 Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip by Israeli IDF. In less than 2-months, Benjamin Netanyahu's IDF killed more women & children (over 11,997) in the Gaza Strip than the number of total civilians (including men, just over 10,000) killed during Putin's 21-month long siege on Ukraine. Land areas: Gaza Strip: 141 mi² (size of city of Las Vegas) Ukraine: 233,062 mi² (smaller than Texas[268,596], larger than California[163,695]) Israel: 8,019 to 8,522 mi² (size of state of New Jersey) Israel has 56.8-60.4x more land area than the Gaza Strip, depending on if you count occupied land or not.) Population density: Gaza Strip: 16,853.1/mi² (same as East LA, but 19 East LA's side-by-side since East LA is only 7.45 sq miles vs Gaza's 141.) Israel: 1,150.0/mi² (state of NJ 1,259/mi²) Gaza has 14.6x higher population density than Israel. Whoever condemns the terrorism of the Palestinian organizations must at the same time condemn the terrorism of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. -- Yeshayahu Leibowitz Yeshayahu Leibowitz defined Palestinian terrorist attacks abroad against Israelis were: Terrorism against terrorism. Both Israeli and US leaders must be criminally prosecuted for committing and aiding and abetting these crimes. -- Marjorie Cohn, Aug. 2014 There's no good definition that defines Terrorism so that it includes what they do to us, but doesn't include what we do to them, which is usually much worse. -- Noam Chomsky Israel can do just as much war crime as the U.S. allows it to do. If the U.S. were to withdraw participation in Israel's crimes it'd have to stop. -- Noam Chomsky The balance of terror & violence is overwhelmingly against the Palestinians by Israelis. -- Noam Chomsky Norman Finkelstein, Jewish, holocaust-parents, anti-Israel government's treatment of Palestinians.


Arthur Richard/D*ck Gary Ryan The party of hate boys at it again. Why don’t you clowns go on some #tRumpubliQans page and say something positive on there … oh wait, there is nothing positive to say about a #TrumpubliQan. You clowns really need to get a life. 🍊💩 

You have supported this genocide from day one, Sen. Jacky Rosen

Then tell Dementia Joe to stop giving Hamas money.

For first of Hanukkah the American people would like to see the Epstein client list?

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1 day ago
Sen. Jacky Rosen

Yesterday, on the same day when my hometown of Las Vegas had a shooting, Senate Republicans blocked three commonsense gun safety bills.

Enough is enough. We need commonsense gun reform.
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What new law would have prevented this?

We have common sense gun laws. Do your job and enforce them.

What was in these so called commonsense gun safety bills? How bout we enforce the laws on the books. How bout the liberal DAs quit letting the criminals go with a slap on the wrist. The Guns are Not the problem, the criminals are!

Why must I give up my firearms when I obtained them legally and follow laws? I didn't commit murder but must am judged and persecuted because I own a scary gun? No, I will not comply with any new gun laws. I called your office today and asked for your support on my gun rights but see my words or my rights don't mean anything to you!

Wow Jackie. Your post fell flat. You should take that as a sign that you're headed on the wrong path.

Do you fucking believe in the Constitution? You’ve never done e a common sense anything.


How many Americans are going to die because you have not condemned the Corrupt Biden Administrations open border policy?

Commonsense? Secure the border!!! Support our US Customs and Border Protection Agents!!! Stop flooding America with over 8 million illegal immigrants without vaccines, health or background checks!!! It's costing American taxpayers 451 billion dollars a year to provide phones, transportation, housing, education, healthcare for the illegal immigrants and their anchor babies!!! Stop making the Mexican cartels richer, stronger and more DANGEROUS, human trafficking, Chinese fentanyl, gangs!!! Stop spending our money like a bunch of drunken pirates!!! The national debt is costing a trillion dollars a year in interest!!! Stop the new world order, globalist green at any cost to AMERICANS boondoggle!! Commonsense??? The communists masquerading as democrats think men are women!!! Commonsense?

So Democrats have created an environment where criminals are empowered nationally; and in response to the resultant violence, you want to disarm law-abiding people? This makes sense to you? When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away. And in some Democrat-run areas of the country, hours away.

Not only have you not been silent about genocide but you have been enthusiastically supporting the murderers. These pictures came out today. Ceasefire now 🇵🇸

Leave it to a Demokkkrat to wave the bloody shirts of the innocent to betray the Constitution.

Define common sense.

Tell that to the Ranchers near the Border …

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