Help with a Federal Agency

One of Senator Rosen’s most important responsibilities as a United States Senator is assisting Nevada residents with navigating federal agencies and identifying federal resources. Senator Rosen can help individuals seeking assistance from the federal government on a variety of matters, including veterans’ benefits, Social Security, and citizenship.

If you have a time-sensitive matter please contact the Las Vegas Office at 702-388-0205 or the Reno Office at 775-337-0110 for immediate assistance.

Before we can be of assistance, the Privacy Act requires that first you submit a written authorization. Should you have any questions about the Privacy Release Forms, do not hesitate to contact the Las Vegas office at 702-388-0205

In order to open a case with our office, please complete the following steps:

  1. For immigration matters, fill out and print this form.
  2. For all other matters, fill out and print this form.
  3. Review the form to ensure all data is accurate, then sign the form.
  4. Please include any other documents or material that you think would help our office to assist you.
  5. Mail, Email, Fax, or hand deliver it to the address shown on the document.