Rosen Joins Bipartisan Bill to Reduce Waste, Fraud, & Abuse in Federal Spending

WASHINGTON DC – U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) announced that she joined bipartisan legislation to help reduce waste, fraud, and abuse in federal spending. The bipartisan Government Spending Oversight Act would create a Government Spending Oversight Committee that would investigate, review, and audit federal funding from pandemic-related programs, federal unemployment insurance, Small Business Administration loans, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the CHIPS and Science Act, and other landmark legislation to stop any waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars.

“Nevadans sent me to the U.S. Senate to stand up to the business-as-usual politics and make sure their hard-earned tax dollars are used effectively,” dijo el Senador Rosen. “I’m joining bipartisan legislation to increase oversight of federal spending and prevent waste, fraud, and abuse. I’ll keep working across the aisle to ensure taxpayer dollars are used responsibly.”

Senator Rosen has been a leader in fighting government waste and protecting Nevadans’ tax dollars. Earlier this year, she announced that the bipartisan Billion Dollar Boondoggle Act she joined to increase transparency in government projects that are delayed or over budget passed the Senate. Her bipartisan No CORRUPTION Act, which would bar Members of Congress from collecting taxpayer-funded pensions if they are convicted of felonies related to their official duties, passed the Senate in July. Last year, Senator Rosen also helped introduce the bipartisan Disaster Contract Improvement Act to mitigate waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayers’ dollars by improving the disaster contracting process following natural disasters. That legislation also passed the Senate.