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4 months ago
Sen. Jacky Rosen

Families shouldn't have to break the bank to put food on the table, but the price of groceries is out of control.

That’s why I pushed the FTC to crack down on the two of the biggest corporations that are pushing a mega merger that could reduce competition & jack up grocery prices.
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She’s wants campaign contributions from both corporations. Prices are high from DemoKKKrat overspending and subsequent inflation. #WorthlessRosen caused the problem and wants no accountability. Typical woman.

How much of a lying, pandering twit can you be? And morons believe your shit. Bidenflation has caused this you are responsible as well for keeping your big mouth shut at all of this. Once we vote you and the other idiots out of office, maybe our country can heal.

Sen. Jacky Rosen blaming a merger that hasn't happened for inflated grocery prices is rich. Look no further than your daddy #DementiaJoe & #Bidenflation. You both OWN it & will be voted out of office in November! ✅👎

Hope you block this merger Jackie. The American people are struggling too much.

All major businesses in America took advantage of the pandemic to make money for their shareholders. And it did not help that America was led at the time by an 🍊💩🤡 that denied Covid 19 existed.

$7 37 for a box of regular Cream of Wheat.

Fuel cost stay up and food costs stay up. Democrat Gasoline will soar this summer. OH All Democrat politicians are an ACCESSORY TO MURDER of Laken Riley. If you vote for them again, then so are you.

Oh helped create this inflation and now you want to buy votes. You are a sly sick Politician.

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5 months ago
Sen. Jacky Rosen

Happy Women's History Month, Nevada!

When women lead, we get things done – and I'm so proud of the work I've accomplished when reaching across the aisle, including with my friend Senator Shelley Moore Capito to incentivize girls to join STEM fields.
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Thank you Sen. Jacky Rosen.

Thank you, Senator.

You are a US Senator. Your job IS TO LISTEN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! You are supposed to be our voice....not the voice of AIPAC who is handsomely lining most politicians pockets. Biden, is a professed Zionist who has surrounded himself with Zionists such as Blinken. He prioritizes his "personal" bias over our multi-cultural America. That's not in all America's best interest! That's in Israels interest. MANY AMERICANs ARE SICK OF NOT BEING HEARD. We are not Israel the Apartheid State. We are a Democracy. We do not support racist ideology. You are obligated to listen to America and to follow the International Rule of Law. Not just recognize your extremist insulated bubble. Your attitude is insulting to multi-cultural Democracy. Many do not want our tax dollars spent on "plausible ge-no-side" If you want to put Israel First, join the Knesset.

Go ahead, fact check it! As a candidate, Joe Biden said that if he were elected president, migrants should "immediately surge to the border." The migrants took him up on it.

BiDung created the border crisis

Rosen is ACCESSORY TO MURDER of Laken Riley

Citation needed.

EXACTLY, ON THE MONEY! A summary of causality on illegal immigration.

Thank you, Senator. It's so good to have people like you and President Biden working for the people. We don’t want Trump back who only works for himself, thinks of himself (excessively often).

No wonder BiDung wants to build the wall and close the border after 3 years of denial. The newest CNBC All-America Economic Survey found that Donald Trump has a 5-point lead with Latino voters against Biden, compared with Biden's 7-point lead over Trump in October.

For 3 years we heard the border is secure. There is no crisis at the border. An election year and immigration is the top issue. BiDung now blames the GOP and may have to eat crow as he will reimplement some of the 94 Executive Orders he canceled his first month in office. SMH

Three years of denial then an election year and the #1 issue with Americans, IMMIGRATION. It's amazing how we fund our allies to enforce border security and build walls but not our own. Border Chief calls H.R. 2 the House passed, the perfect legislation! GOP House passed immigration legislation on 5/16/2023. The Senate refuses to bring it to the floor for a vote. Schumer is afraid it will pass. POLICIES THAT WORK

President Biden was mocked by the Border Patrol union on Saturday over his Thursday visit to the Texas border. Border Patrol Union President Board AF1, take nap. Wake up in place called Brownsville," the union wrote on X, formerly Twitter, in a joke itinerary of his day, along with a photo of Biden resting in a beach lounge chair. "Read large teleprompter message, ‘It's all Trump's fault.’ Board AF1, ask who people in green uniforms were, told they ‘strap’ illegal aliens, express horror, take nap. Wake up, call a lid, hit beach, take nap."

Laken Riley was beaten to death by a Biden Illegal to the point her skull was disfigured.

1 Russian or Chinese H-Balm will WASH AWAY all the Terrorists in Washington DC. The US hasn't fought a war of Self Defense in over 124 years. ==> Israel did 9-11, with help from the US gov. <== October 7 = The BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER ! The $WEJ declared WAR on the Gen-tiles 5784 years ago. $WEJ-ism is Organized Crime, Masquerading as a Religion. $WEJ-ism is a Religious Cult that practices RECREATIONAL Cruelty. Murdering Gentiles ( in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Palestine, etc. ) is a KEY PART of the $WEJ "Religion". Planet of the $WEJ - It's a HORROR Movie ! ­ No Country needs Regime Change more than the JewSA.

Man hater

When Women Success. Then America Succeed.

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