Rosen Votes for Bipartisan Appropriations Bills to Fund Government

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) voted for both the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020 and the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020, spending legislation to keep the government open. The bipartisan appropriations spending package secures several important provisions to help Nevada’s hardworking families and the state overall, including a pay raise for Nevada’s servicemembers, the repeal of three health care taxes, and Senator Rosen’s amendment to provide over $4 million to combat invasive species in Lake Tahoe.
“I’m glad to see both Democrats and Republicans come to the table with a bipartisan deal that does not fund Yucca Mountain, keeps the government open, and invests in Nevada’s health care, workforce, education, and infrastructure,” said Senator Rosen. “This deal does a lot to help Nevada’s hardworking families by repealing three costly health care taxes and includes my provision to invest in telehealth programs, making health care more affordable and accessible. This package also gives a raise to our men and women in uniform, promotes Nevada tourism by extending funding for Brand USA, and for the first time ever, allows the federal government to conduct research into gun violence prevention. As we head into 2020, this legislation will also take important steps to fund the Census and invest millions in much-needed election security grants to protect the integrity of our elections. I will continue to support legislation that benefits the Silver State and Nevada families.”

BACKGROUND: Among numerous other provisions, Senator Rosen secured the following funding that will benefit Nevada:
•    Senator Rosen’s Amendment to provide $4,088,000 to implement subsection 5(d)(2) of the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act, which will help combat invasive species;
•    $10,000,000 for pediatric mental health telemedicine funding and $50,000,000 for Distance Learning and Telemedicine grants, both Rosen-led requests; and
•    Senator Rosen’s request to add $50,000,000 above the President’s Budget Request for the National Guard Youth Challenge Program, as Nevada works to establish a program of our own.
The FY 2020 spending package also:
•    Increases pay for Nevada’s servicemembers and federal civilian employees by 3.1%; 
•    Does NOT fund Yucca Mountain;
•    Permanently repeals the Cadillac Tax, Medical Device Tax, and the Health Insurance Tax (HIT);
•    Extends funding for Brand USA, which promotes the U.S. as a tourist destination and is critical to Nevada’s tourism economy;
•    Funds gun violence research at the CDC, for the first time ever, at $25 million;
•    Bans tobacco sales to anyone under the age of 21;
•    Prohibits DOJ from interfering with Nevada’s medical marijuana law;
•    Funds upgrades to C-130 aircraft, a request Senator Rosen made on behalf of the Nevada Air National Guard; 
•    Includes Senator Rosen’s request to increase funding to complete certification of the Army’s Transport Telemedicine System, which transmits an injured servicemember’s medical information/condition from the point of injury through the continuum of care until arrival at a medical facility; and 
•    Funds the Land and Water Conservation Fund at the highest levels since 2004.