ICYMI: Rosen in Las Vegas-Review Journal: Republican Plan to Impose National Sales Tax Would Hurt Nevada Families

WASHINGTON, DC – Last week, U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) penned an op-ed in the Las Vegas Review Journal to express her strong opposition against the  proposal from House Republicans to impose a national sales tax on all goods and services, which would increase the price of goods and services for Nevadans by 30 percent. Senator Rosen pledged to oppose this legislation if it passes out of the House and goes to the Senate. She also called for providing hardworking families a tax cut to help grow the middle class. 

Las Vegas Review-Journal: GOP tax plan would be bad for Nevadans

By Jacky Rosen

Key Points:

  • Lawmakers in Washington should be working to relieve this financial pressure facing Americans at the kitchen table and pass bills that bring down costs for Nevadans.
  • Unfortunately, congressional Republicans are pushing a plan that would be devastating for Nevada families.
  • The proposal that House Republicans have introduced and plan to vote on would eliminate the federal income tax and impose a national sales tax, increasing the price of all goods and services by a whopping 30 percent. 
  • This would raise the already high prices Nevadans pay for food, medicine and all other goods and services. As a result, it will negatively impact the pocketbooks and hard-earned savings of people in Nevada and all across our country.
  • The price increases brought on by this plan would also disproportionately impact retirees, seniors and those living on a fixed income by raising prices on the items they need most. 
  • Not to mention, this bill would also do away with the current funding mechanisms we use to pay for critical programs such as Medicare and Social Security, which Nevadans rely on in every corner of our state.
  • Instead of pursuing this misguided new tax on hardworking Americans, Congress should focus on making the ultra-wealthy and billion-dollar corporations pay their fair share while also passing a tax cut that would actually benefit hardworking families and grow the middle class. 
  • I will oppose this harmful proposal with everything I have on behalf of Nevadans.