National Taxpayers Union: Rosen’s “NO CORRUPTION Act Safeguards Taxpayer Dollars”

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) highlighted the benefits to taxpayers of Senator Jacky Rosen’s (D-NV) bipartisan No Congressionally-Obligated Recurring Revenue Used As Pensions To Incarcerated Officials Now (No CORRUPTION) Act. This legislation, re-introduced this year with Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), has previously passed the Senate and would bar members of Congress who are convicted of felonies related to their official duties from collecting taxpayer-funded pensions. 

National Taxpayer Union Foundation: Closing the loophole: The No CORRUPTION Act safeguards taxpayer dollars and justice

By Demian Brady

Key Points:

  • Under the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007 (HLOGA), members of Congress who are convicted of certain crimes are supposed to lose eligibility for their congressional pension. 
  • Unfortunately, as NTUF revealed in a review of recent indictments, the pension is not stripped until all opportunities to appeal the conviction have expired, and this process can drag on for years and years.
  • The No CORRUPTION Act would cut off the payments upon conviction. The bill also includes an important provision ensuring that the member would become eligible for the full amount owed if the conviction is successfully appealed.
  • Lawmakers should work to close the loophole to ensure that taxpayers aren’t on the hook for paying out pensions to corrupt politicians. The No CORRUPTION Act would protect taxpayers while also protecting the rights of former members who successfully overturn their convictions.