Rosen Supports Bipartisan Bill to Prevent Illicit Use of Xylazine

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) came out in support of the bipartisan Combating Illicit Xylazine Act to crack down on Xylazine, a highly dangerous sedative that is causing fatal overdoses nationwide. This bill would classify Xylazine’s illicit use under Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act, enabling the Drug Enforcement Administration to track its manufacturing to ensure it is not diverted to the illegal market.

“Xylazine is an emerging deadly drug that threatens to take lives and tear Nevada families apart if we don’t act swiftly,” said Senator Rosen. “I’m joining this bipartisan legislation to help give law enforcement the resources they need to stop criminals from spreading this dangerous drug throughout communities.”

Senator Rosen has been fighting to keep communities safe from deadly drugs. Earlier this year, Senator Rosen helped introduce the bipartisan Eradicating Narcotic Drugs and Formulating Effective News Tools to Address National Yearly Losses of Life (END FENTANYL) Act, which would help end drug smuggling by requiring the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection to update its drug interdiction guidance at least once every three years to ensure it is up-to-date. Senator Rosen also co-sponsored the bipartisan Fentanyl Eradication and Narcotics Deterrence (FEND) Off Fentanyl Act to help combat fentanyl trafficking by requiring the President to sanction drug cartels that are involved in international drug trafficking.