Rosen, Cortez Masto Announce $1.3 Million to Help Washoe Tribe Strengthen Energy Infrastructure and Invest in Clean Energy

LAS VEGAS, NV – U.S. Senators Jacky Rosen (D-NV) and Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) announced that the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California will receive $1.3 million to modernize and strengthen their energy infrastructure and invest in clean energy. The funding comes from the Department of Energy’s Grid Resilience State and Tribal Formula Grants program, which was created in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that Senators Rosen and Cortez Masto both helped draft and pass into law.

“Communities across Nevada are increasingly facing extreme weather and natural disasters that threaten our electric grid,” said Senator Rosen. “It’s critical that we bolster our energy grid to ensure that Nevada’s families can keep their lights on during a natural disaster. I’m glad to see the Washoe Tribe is receiving funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which I helped pass, to support a more resilient energy infrastructure that can meet future challenges and provide cleaner, more affordable energy.”

“This funding I fought to deliver will help Tribal communities in Nevada protect their energy infrastructure, keep their communities safe, and create good-paying clean energy jobs,” said Senator Cortez Masto. “As Nevada experiences more extreme weather, it’s critical that our Tribes have additional tools to increase resiliency and keep the lights on.” 

“The Washoe Tribe’s electrical grid and infrastructure are key to keeping our communities resilient,” said Serrell Smokey, Washoe Tribe Chairman. “Aging equipment, wildfires, and extreme weather are a constant threat to our communities. This award, along with the partnerships of local utility companies, will ensure we are meeting the needs of Washoe People.”

This grant funding will help ensure that the Washoe Tribe of Nevada & California has access to affordable, reliable, clean electricity and that the Tribe’s critical community facilities are not impacted by weather events. The grant funds will also support modernizing grid infrastructure and investments in clean energy.

Senators Rosen and Cortez Masto have worked to support Nevada’s Tribal communities. Senator Rosen has consistently advocated for robust federal funding to benefit tribal families and children in Nevada. In the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that they both helped pass, Senator Rosen helped write the bill’s broadband section and ensured communities across Nevada would receive the resources to increase access to high-speed internet. Senators Rosen and Cortez Masto recently sent a letter urging the Biden Administration to support a national monument designation at Bahsahwahbee, which holds sacred and spiritual significance for several Tribes.