ICYMI: Rosen Helps Introduce Bill to Stop Flow of Fentanyl from Southern Border

WASHINGTON, DC – Following her recent visit to the southern border, U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) helped introduce legislation to reduce the flow of fentanyl by providing much-needed resources to secure the southern border. The Stop Fentanyl at the Border Act increases staffing capacity and invests in more technology to detect illicit drugs and other contraband being smuggled through our ports of entry along the border.  

KVVU Las Vegas: Rosen pushes for more personnel, technology to stop flow of fentanyl across southern border

Senator Rosen: “As a mother, my heart breaks for these families, these parents that are going through this and seeing their children die from fentanyl. This is why the Stop Fentanyl Act has to pass… The cartels are pushing those drugs up here to America.”

KTNV Las Vegas: Concerns grow among Nevadans on front line of fentanyl crisis, Sen. Rosen seeks billions in funding

Anchor: “Senator Jacky Rosen introduced the Stop Fentanyl bill after a recent visit to the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Senator Rosen: “It’s investing over $5 billion in a couple of things. First of all, in the new technology and resources to stop the flow of drugs or other contraband from coming in, and then the border agents to analyze that.”

Anchor: “She says the money would go towards resources like new technology at the ports of entry to detect illegal drugs like fentanyl. She says something has to be done to stop it.”

KTVN Reno: Following Visit to Southern Border, Rosen Helps Introduce Bill to Strengthen Border Security to Stop Flow of Fentanyl

Senator Rosen: “The Stop Fentanyl Act is going to put about $5 billion into the agency to give them the technology and people to stop the flow of drugs coming into this country, because families are torn apart by the drug crisis.”

Anchor: “And the Senator adds that the U.S. also needs to increase addiction and mental health resources to help stop the drug crisis.”