Casework Success Stories

One of Senator Rosen’s office’s most important responsibilities is assisting Nevada residents who need help navigating federal agencies and identifying federal resources. Our office can help individuals seeking assistance from the federal government on a variety of matters, including veteran benefits, social security, and citizenship. Below, you’ll find a selection of successful casework stories across a variety of issues important to Nevadans.

If you need assistance with a federal agency, please email or call my Las Vegas Office at 702-388-0205 or my Reno Office at 775-337-0110 for immediate assistance.


Solomon and Yenenesh were scheduled to get married in the United States early 2020. In their culture, it is important to have their parents at their wedding to give their blessings. Solomon’s parents applied for a B-2 Visitor’s Visa and were denied. They reapplied and the couple reached out to our office for assistance. We learned from the US Embassy in Ethiopia that the parents did not provide sufficient evidence to prove ties to their home country.

Our office worked extensively with the family, guided them through the process, and provided a letter of support outlining their ties to their home country. their parents could provide in another interview with the Embassy, as well as sent a Letter of Support from the office of Senator Jacky Rosen. Solomon’s parents were approved after their interview!

Dee contacted our office because his daughter was stranded in Iquitos, Peru due to Coronavirus shutdowns. Our office contacted the Department of State to arrange for a flight that would bring Cheyenne back to the United States.

The Department of State was able to send a flight to Iquitos to evacuate all American citizens, and on March 26, 2020, Dee’s daughter landed in Miami, Florida.

Military & Veterans Affairs

Jason was injured by an IED while serving our country in Iraq. Because of an error in his service record, he was denied a Purple Heart. After 12 years trying to correct his record, Jason reached out to our office. We were able to contact the Army and get his case looked at.

We showed them evidence that Jason had, in fact, been eligible for the Purple Heart. All of his records have since been updated to reflect him being awarded the medal.

Jeanette contacted our office to inquire about reimbursement of over $1300 in fees she paid for her recently deceased husband’s hospital stay.  Jeanette’s husband, Billy, was a veteran with a service-related disability. Billy was experiencing medical difficulties that required emergency services and emergency transportation.  Jeanette and Billy lived in rural Nevada and, while being transported by ambulance to Reno’s VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System, the ambulance had to be diverted to the Carson-Tahoe Hospital in Carson City due to inclement weather.  Billy suffered from a pneumothorax and required emergency services and an extended stay at the hospital until stabilizing.  Jeannette submitted all required paperwork to the Department of Veteran Affairs, Sierra Nevada Health Care System, and to the Health Care Finance Administration for his billing. 

While continuing to work through these billing issues and the subsequent challenges her husband was facing, Billy passed away.  $1,364 of the hospital stay was still outstanding and would not be paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs which required Jeannette to pay the expense themselves while living on a very fixed budget.  Jeanette appealed the decision, but was overruled.  Subsequently, she contacted our office for assistance.  After receiving all of her paperwork, it was then forwarded to our liaison at the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System.  On October 22, our office and Jeanette were notified by the VA that after reviewing her case again, the VA contacted and requested all providers resubmit their billing to the VA and reimburse Jeanette for any expenses they personally paid related to Billy’s hospital stay.  

Norman is a veteran who served in the 1950s and was exposed to radiation from an atomic blast, but wasn’t receiving the VA benefits owed to him.

Our office got his VA case expedited, but he was still denied. He appealed, which we also helped him get expedited, and his appeal was accepted! 

Small Businesses, Taxes, and Loans

Priscilla contacted our office for assistance regarding the status of her 2019 IRS tax return and subsequent refund of $8,700.  Priscilla had filed her tax return via mail on April 6th utilizing USPS certified mail. Her taxes were received on April 26th. After initially waiting  for her taxes and refund to be processed, she began checking for status updates online. When none were seen, she attempted to contact the IRS for multiple months and was unsuccessful. 

Subsequently, she contacted our office for assistance. Our office contacted the Taxpayer Advocacy Services on her behalf. Taxpayer Advocacy Services, with the information provided by Priscilla, were able to facilitate the processing of her tax return and issue her refund.  She received her full tax refund with interest for a total of $8,862.41.

Ulzankumar (Ulzan), owner of a Las Vegas restaurant, reached out to our office because they had been denied for the EIDL loan and needed money to keep the business afloat through the COVID-19 pandemic. Their daughter has had very serious medical issues and has been in and out of the hospital, so they have been trying to pay for her medical expenses while keeping the family restaurant going. We requested status checks from the Small Business Administration (SBA) on their reconsideration and found that there was a request for additional documentation that hadn’t made it to the constituent.

After asking the SBA to resend it, the constituent filled it and was assigned a loan officer. Ulzan called us with regular updates to let us know that their reconsideration request was being processed and, ultimately, they were notified that they have been approved!

Adine reached out to our office because she had sought to get some of her student loan debt forgiven, but was not being given any help from loan collector.

Following an inquiry from our office, they replied to Adine’s initial inquiry saying she had been eligible for $5,000 in student loan forgiveness!

Roger and Roseanne manage the Boulder Dam Hotel in Boulder City. The COVID-19 pandemic hurt their business and they applied for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL); however, they ran into difficulties and were unable to secure a loan. They contacted our office and we were able to help them receive the desperately-needed loan to keep their hotel in business.


Andrew is an active duty service member who was having issues receiving refunds from cancelled flights due to COVID-19. Our office reached out to the Department of Transportation’s Aviation Consumer Protection Division and filed casework on his behalf, since he was unable to work directly with the airline.

The issue was resolved and he wrote to our office, “On 31 Aug, they finally credited  $1,319 back to me.  That probably wouldn’t have happened without your help. Thanks a lot.”