2023 In Review: Senator Rosen Recaps Successful Year Working Across the Aisle, Delivering for Nevadans 

Rosen’s Office Assisted With 3,355 Requests For Assistance From Nevadans, Helped Secure More Than $3.4 Billion In Federal Grants For State, And Brought Nearly $4.5 Million To Nevadans Through Casework

Senator Rosen Introduced 40 Pieces of Legislation, 97 Percent Of Them Were Bipartisan, And 15 Bipartisan Bills She Introduced Or Co-Sponsored Passed The Senate

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) released an annual review of her office’s accomplishments delivering for Nevada, including passing bipartisan legislation through the Senate, securing critical funding for the state, and helping constituents directly with casework involving federal agencies.

In 2023, Senator Rosen’s office helped with 3,355 requests for assistance with federal and state agencies from Nevadans, brought in nearly $4.5 million to Nevada families from the federal government through casework, and helped secure more than $3.4 billion for the state through federal grants. Senator Rosen and her staff participated in more than 8,449 outreach activities, including meetings and events with Nevadans, and responded to over 152,000 constituent calls, emails, and letters.

Senator Rosen also introduced 40 pieces of legislation this year, 97 percent of which were bipartisan. She also introduced or co-sponsored 15 bipartisan bills that passed the Senate, with 4 of the bills she introduced being signed into law as part of the annual defense bill. Senator Rosen has been ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators and most effective Senate Democrats.

Overall, Senator Rosen personally introduced dozens of pieces of bipartisan legislation on key issues for Nevadans, including bipartisan bills to: 

  • Increase access to affordable health care 
  • Enhance our national security
  • Support veterans, servicemembers, law enforcement, and first responders
  • Expand opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Help our seniors and caregivers
  • Improve high-speed internet access
  • Invest in the STEM workforce
  • Fight corruption in Washington
  • Combat antisemitism
  • Strengthen the US-Israel relationship

“Throughout this year, I’ve worked to ensure Nevada families have the assistance they need from the federal government while working across the aisle on bipartisan legislation to deliver for our entire state,” said Senator Rosen. “I also fought to bring billions of dollars in funding and investments to improve our state, boost our economy, and create good-paying jobs. It’s an honor to serve the people of Nevada, and I look forward to continuing to deliver for our state each and every day.”

Senator Rosen’s Office Helping Nevadans Through Constituent Services:

  • Helped with 3,355 requests for assistance with federal and state agencies from Nevadans.
  • Brought nearly $4.5 million to Nevadans from the federal government through casework.
  • Helped secure more than $3.4 billion for Nevada through federal grants.
  • Participated in 8,449 outreach activities, including meetings and attending events.
  • Responded to 152,424 constituent calls, emails, and letters.

Senator Rosen’s Legislative Accomplishments this Year: 

  • Introduced 40 pieces of legislation, four of which have been signed into law.
  • Introduced or co-sponsored 15 pieces of bipartisan legislation that have passed the Senate.
  • Over 97% of legislation personally introduced by Senator Rosen has been bipartisan.

Senator Rosen Working Across Party Lines, Delivering for Nevadans:

  • Four Rosen-Led Bills and Numerous Nevada Wins Included in National Defense Package Signed Into Law: Senator Rosen helped shape this year’s National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2024 as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee to ensure it included key priorities for Nevada’s servicemembers and defense installations, including authorization of funding for a new dormitory at Nellis Air Force Base, funding for Nevada Army National Guard training facilities, and the modernization of the Nevada Test and Training Range, which has been a top priority for the Air Force. The final defense bill, which was signed into law, included four bipartisan bills introduced by Senator Rosen, which are now all about to become law:
    • Maritime Architecture and Response to International Terrorism in the Middle East (MARITIME) Act: Requires the Department of Defense to develop a strategy between the U.S., Israel, and Arab partners and allies in the Middle East to counter maritime threats posed by Iran, violent extremist organizations, and criminal networks.
    • Taiwan Cybersecurity Resiliency Act: Requires the Department of Defense to expand cybersecurity cooperation with Taiwan to help them counter cyber threats from China.
    • Department of Defense Civilian Cybersecurity Reserve Act: Authorizes a Civilian Cybersecurity Reserve pilot program to provide the Department of Defense with qualified civilian cybersecurity personnel to serve in reserve capacities to ensure the U.S. government has the talent needed to respond to malicious cyber activity, especially in times of greatest need.
    • Federal Data Center Enhancement Act: Requires a government-wide effort to develop strong minimum requirements for federal data centers related to cyber intrusions, data center availability, mission-critical uptime, and resilience against physical attacks, wildfires, and other natural disasters.
  • Highlights of Senator Rosen’s bipartisan legislation that passed the Senate or committee: 
    • No CORRUPTION Act: Bipartisan bill that would bar Members of Congress from collecting taxpayer-funded pensions if they are convicted of felonies related to their official duties unanimously passed the Senate.
    • Small Business Child Care Investment Act: Bipartisan bill to increase the availability of affordable, high-quality child care for Nevada families by allowing non-profit child care providers that qualify as small businesses greater access to Small Business Administration loan programs, unanimously advanced out of committee and is now before the full Senate.
    • Train More Nurses Act: Bipartisan bill to address the nursing shortage in Nevada and across the nation was included in bipartisan legislation that advanced out of committee, and the bill is now before the full Senate.
    • Resolution condemning Hamas for its terrorist attack on Israel and demanding that Hamas immediately release all hostages unanimously passed the Senate.
    • Resolution condemning antisemitism on college and university campuses unanimously passed the Senate.
  • Key Rosen-supported bipartisan legislation that passed the Senate: 
    •  END FENTANYL ACT: Bipartisan bill Senator Rosen co-led to combat drug smuggling by requiring the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to update its drug interdiction guidance at least once every three years to ensure it is up to date, passed the Senate unanimously.
    • Recruit and Retain Act: Bipartisan bill Senator Rosen co-sponsored to support law enforcement agencies’ efforts to hire and retain more police officers by establishing a federal pipeline program to support increased collaboration between local departments and schools to help facilitate recruitment activities and encourage young people to enter careers in law enforcement, passed the Senate unanimously.
  • Led Bipartisan Efforts to Secure Historic High Speed Rail Funding: Senator Rosen secured $3 billion in funding for high-speed rail connecting Las Vegas and Southern California through a program in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law she helped write and pass.
  • Secured Hundreds of Millions of Broadband Investment in Nevada: After successfully pushing the FCC to fix its flawed broadband maps, Senator Rosen secured $416 million to connect Nevada households to high-speed internet through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law she helped write and pass and $43 million to expand broadband access in Nevada through her Middle Mile Broadband Deployment Act that was included in the law.
  • Brought First-Ever In-State Veteran Business Outreach Center to Nevada: Successfully lobbied the Small Business Administration to bring a Veteran Business Outreach Center to Nevada to provide business resources and support to veterans, transitioning servicemembers, and military spouses. The new center had its grand opening in November.
  • Successfully Protected Nevada Solar Jobs: Senator Rosen led the charge to secure bipartisan opposition to a resolution rolling back a two-year pause on retroactive tariffs on solar panels and cells that would have devastated American solar jobs, including in Nevada.
  • Successfully Pushed FTC to Investigate Big Oil Merger: As a result of a Rosen-backed effort to urge the Federal Trade Commission to crack down on Big Oil greed and prevent higher gas prices, the FTC announced an investigation of Exxon Mobil’s proposed acquisition of Pioneer Natural Resources.
  • Voted to Secure Border and Aid Our Allies: Senator Rosen voted to advance a supplemental aid package to provide $14 billion for U.S. border security, while providing security assistance to Israel and Ukraine and humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza.
  • Chaired Key Hearings to Promote and Enhance Nevada Tourism: As Chair of the Senate’s Subcommittee on Tourism, Trade, and Export Promotion, Rosen held multiple hearings on how to continue growing the travel in tourism industry, including hearings highlighting Nevada’s sustainable tourism, reviewing implementation of the Rosen-led Omnibus Travel and Tourism Act, and a Las Vegas field hearing examining the economic impacts of sports and entertainment events.